Today, I have 5 organizing tasks for you to complete this week! You can do them anytime you have just 5 SPARE MINUTES!!

I have noticed great results from such a short commitment of time with each of these actionable items.

Declutter your social media
Take a look at your friends list, groups and liked pages. Are you still involved in each? Are you actually "friends" with everyone on in your list? Do you still love the causes and companies of the pages you like? Do a quick review and remove anything that just isn't adding anything to your life (or if it is bringing negativity). Now, your social media is just what YOU want to see.

Delete pictures in your phone
This one might take a few rounds to complete. Get rid of all the blurry or duplicate pictures. Make your photo album look more like an Instagram feed and less like an overwhelming mess.

Update account information
Do you have an online account that is sending things to the wrong email address or being charged to the wrong debit card? Take a few minutes to update these accounts and stop worrying if things are going to the wrong place!

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