Let's talk finances!

The finance world has made it TOO EASY to ignore your financial standing. I mean, how hard is it to swipe a card and scribble out an illegible signature? Unfortunately, your financial situation should be kept on a short leash! I mean toddler with a sharpie, short leash! (I do not condone putting toddlers on leashes 😂)

Are you an emotional shopper? Some of us eat our feelings and others shop until they forget their troubles. Are you completely surprised when you receive your statement, shocked that a card could get maxed out with little purchases here and there? Don't be! You left your finances free to color all over the walls of your life! Take control, put the cap back on that permanent marker and start scrubbing the walls until things look good as new again.

Do you own a small business and love purchasing new supplies and equipment? Don't we all?! I love that you love your business but if you want it to work for you, you need to stop treating it like a hobby! You must be strategic with your purchases and cut costs without cutting quality. How do you cut costs if you have no clue what they cost to begin with?

Here is my task for you today. The first step to stop the mess and put the cap back on the damaging, figurative marker. Take 10 minutes to check balances on your credit cards, checking and savings accounts and any outstanding receipts. Get out your calculator and determine what you current asset level is and what is your debt amount. Knowledge is the first step towards change.

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