Organize your life to win back time! Being organized is making sure you are one step ahead of the game.


Welcome to the age of technology! So many opportunities to automate your life.
This includes grocery shopping (Hello, Amazon Pantry!), bill pay (Thank you, online banking!) and even marketing your business (boardbooster, tailwind, buffer, etc!)

Automate things in your life that are stressing you out. You may always forget to pick up a pack of diapers before you almost run out, why not let Amazon remember for you?

Paying your bills on time relieves major stress, so why not automate smaller bills so you just don't have to stress about them?

Marketing your business takes large chunks of time out of your day, why not let an app do the work for you?
If there is a will, there is a way to automate it!


Create a step by step process for your home, life and business. Take the memory part out of it. If you are feeling crafty, you can laminate your process for daily check off!

Why follow a process? When done in repetition, we learn to do things faster every time. The sooner you put processes in place, the quicker your task will become.


Why reinvent the wheel? Create templates so the work is done ONCE.

Create templates for Instagram, Pinterest, newsletters and messages to buyers.

Do you regularly have to fill out paperwork with your information? Print up a template with all your needed information so you don't have to rewrite it over and over!

Create a grocery list template with your most used items already printed on the list for you!


Get organized by implementing organizers that keep you on track.

Track your finances with an Excel spreadsheet. Spreadsheets do all of the calculating for you, giving you a clear picture of where you stand.

Spending an hour a week organizing paperwork will save you from searching for a document that is buried! A lost document is a useless document.

Use an app that saves receipts and documents on the cloud. Snap a picture and you don't have to worry about paper clutter or losing a document.

Do you have an organizing tip you would like to share? Comment below!

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