Organize your life with these tips:

1. Keep track of what steps it takes to complete something. Turn those steps in to a process.

2. Automate everything! Each task you allow to happen automatically gives you a few minutes to a few hours of freedom.

3. Mompreneurs – Automate your supply orders when possible! Don't let low supply keep you from getting products out of the door. Also, stop visiting the post office and allow the mailmen to come to you.

4. Ask your bank what special banking perks they offer. You might be surprised what extras they have to keep you organized.

5. Use electronic organizers as much as possible (Excel spreadsheets).Keep yourself from the headache of using mental math!

6. Take the time to collect information and make handy lists. Emergency contact info, cleaning lists, recommended service providers, etc. Organize things that you normally scramble for at the last minute.

7. Give everything a "home". Don't let important projects or paperwork get buried and forgotten.

8. Streamline processes. Once you know what it takes to complete a task, find faster ways to complete it. Find ways to automate or hand off tasks that take too much time.

9. Use a planner/calendar! Half the battle is knowing what needs done.

10. Keeping an organized bag. Carry a large purse or backpack that holds anything you might need while out and about. I like keeping a snack and drink (and one for the kiddo) handy so we don't have to stop for food until the errand list is complete. A well stocked purse can be a life saver!

Combining a scheduled life with organized processes and you have a crazy productive week ahead of you!

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