Scheduling makes each minute in your day intentional. Instead of leaving today up to chance, you are taking charge and giving each minute a purpose.

Even that glass of wine and bubble bath because we know you need a few minutes to yourself! Having a goal at the end of the day will give you motivation to keep up the pace and feel accomplished by bedtime.

Scheduling everything allows you to plan for the day and actually feel prepared for each task! Imagine if you knew what needed to get done and how to make the process faster and easier!

Look back at last week's schedule. What tasks did you finish that made the biggest impact on your week? Take those tasks and make them a priority for next week.

Schedule blocks of time with an agenda for each timeframe. Schedule them in advance so when you are out running your household errands, you can remember to get everything you need to be productive during that time. Don't let being tired, being unprepared or not knowing where to start keep you from being highly productive! Research what you need ahead of time and you will be much more productive!

1) Pick out a planner, either paper or electronic and keep it with you all the time.

2) Fill in events, parties and big days and schedule time to prepare for each.

3) Start filling in the weeks with your biggest priorities so you know they have a place in your schedule.

4) Fill in your usual task list (bill pay, groceries, side business tasks, etc.) around the bigger appointments.

5) Fill in time for yourself! So important!

6) Set boundaries on activities. Choose a time of day that is free of social media and work (no work talk either!). Clear your schedule to free your mind of stress.

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