Schedule the life you want with the following tips:

1. schedule EVERYTHING that needs to get done this week including personal time.

2. For my mompreneurs – You must schedule slots for working and create a detailed agenda. List how much time you need for each agenda item and stick to that timeframe. You will see great results!

3. Too many priorities and not enough time? Find a task you can break down in to 10-20 minute sessions. Then, squeeze them in!

4. Prioritize every task and focus on your most rewarding tasks first! Fit in less important tasks between your high priority ones.

5. Wake up earlier to add extra time to your day. Make sure you still get your 8 hours!

6. Stay away from social media, emails and Pinterest except for designated times.

7. Clear your schedule of non-essential, dreaded plans/tasks. You have found free time!

8. Schedule a business organizing day every single week. Don't let yourself get behind and allow getting back on track to feel impossible.

9. Keep a consistent family schedule. Set bedtimes to give you a few hours of alone time.

10. Have to skip a scheduled task? Put it as high priority for next week.

11. Remember, quality time is better than quantity. Remain distraction free and find fun ways to laugh with your family.

12. Schedule still out of whack? Make small changes each week to move towards the life you want to have.

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