Change your life in 20 minutes a day!

Do you feel like a slave to your home? Constantly cleaning, paying bills and making appointments?

When you finally get a day to yourself, does your phone beep incessantly because life just cannot move on without you taking care of everything?

IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. I promise, you are allowed to take time for yourself and your world doesn’t have to come to a screeching halt!

20 minutes a day
A manageable amount of time to get your life together while still taking care of your day to day. Why is it so life changing? Life needs direction or it will over run you in a heartbeat. Each step you take is another step closer to having a plan in place. You will gain peace and more time for yourself, I guarantee it!

Remembering it all
Your very first task is to implement a planner in your life. I don’t care if it is a family binder, the calendar you have on your phone or a paper planner. You need a space to keep your appointments, projects, deadlines, special events and thoughts, in order.

No more surprise events that have you running to the mall, Looking for a dress the night before. Write every appointment down, there on the spot. Don’t leave remembering an event, 3 months from now, up to your brain to remember. It has a million other things to do!

Your 20 minute challenge
What area of your life is weighing you down the most? Is it finances, constant errands to run, a busy schedule or a disorganized home? Find your biggest pain point and only focus on that issue during your daily 20 minutes.

Start here – Ideas
Personally, I use to hate cooking. I would dread when someone asks, what’s for dinner. I was never prepared and I never had the ingredients for meals I would actually want to eat. Then, I found meal planning and it has changed my life! I spend 20 minutes every 2 weeks coming up with a meal plan that I KNOW my family will love. I shop for the ingredients and dinner is on the table every night (no more take out!). A big win for my family because I care about their health and hate spending $30 on Chinese or pizza delivery.

Paying bills can overtake your life! Stop giving bills more than 20 minutes of your attention each month. Online bill pay changed my life and I don’t know what I would do without it. No more calling to pay with a debit card or sending in a paper check that could take 10+ days to process. I set up all of my accounts with my online bill pay account through my bank. Now it takes less than 5 minutes to schedule every single bill. I don’t have to think about it again until the next month!

Every house is messy at times, especially with children. The trick is to stay organized and declutter often, to keep things manageable. Each room, closet, drawer and cubby hole should have a purpose and everything needs a home. Start by picking a small area that needs organized in your home. A hall closet is a great starting point and take 20 minutes to clean it out and create intentional space for each item. Get rid of things that haven’t been used in months. If it isn’t useful regularly to your family or if it doesn’t bring you joy, it has to go. Do this with each room of your home and things will stay cleaner, you will know where everything is and you can relax!

Are you constantly on the run, going from appointment to appointment? It is time to take control of your schedule and set limits. There is only so much time in a day and it should be used wisely. Put together a family schedule that shows every single event going on for the month. Set a limit on the number of activities allowed per day and schedule accordingly. You will have to say no to the occasional event but it will allow you to see what appointments are adding value to your life and which ones are just sucking up your time.

Let’s go!
Are you ready to get started? It will be the best way to spend that 20 minutes of your day and you will be so glad you did! An organized life allows you to plan ahead and choose how you want to spend each day. Work hard and I promise you will begin to feel the effects of an organized life.

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