Kid’s clothes are taking over our home!

It happens all the time. You send the kids to their rooms with armfuls of clothes just to return frustrated. They can’t jam another thing in their dresser drawers and actually close them! How can this be?

All it takes is an extra pair of jeans and a couple T-Shirts from camp or events over the summer to overstuff their already stuffed dressers.

The amount of clothing is not always the problem. How the clothing is organized can make all the difference between getting dressed in 10 minutes without tearing apart the dresser or morning frustration with piles of clothes drug out each and every day.

Before you start shopping for more bedroom furniture, try this trick!

Start Here
Begin by labeling two large plastic tubs or baskets per kids room with “too small” and “next size up“. Place both tubs in the closet so they are easy for the kids to access. When they try on something and it doesn’t fit anymore, they can throw it in the “too small” tub. When they have exhausted their options and need to bump up a size, you can easily refill their dresser with the next size up!

No more spending a whole day sorting through clothes when the kids can do the work for you! Adding items to the basket regularly will keep their dresser tidy and avoid the morning outfit meltdown. They will also learn the importance of maintaining the clothing they like so it will last them a while longer.

Each month, you can go through the baskets to see what can be sent to a consignment shop, what you will keep for hand me downs, clothing swap items and what has seen better days.

Things to consider
I hear from parents ALL. THE. TIME. “I bought her brand new outfits a month ago and they still have the tags on them!” Just like we have a specific style, our kids do as well. End the fight and frustration by removing those items and working with your child to pick out clothes they feel are comfortable and express their personal style.

Also, before shopping for new clothes, keep an inventory of what your kids currently have to wear. You might be surprised when you see they already have 12 pairs of jeans, 30 shirts and 100 pairs of socks!

You can make this a learning opportunity by teaching your children to take care of their clothing. Making sure their shoes are clean and their clothes aren’t always wrinkled or stained.

Step by step you can implement little tricks to create an organized home.

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