Budgetless spending is stressing you out!

Did you know, MONEY is one of the leading causes of stress for Americans? It takes its toll on our relationships and health. Our health and happiness are worth more than money can buy. Stop the constant money related anxiety by creating your personalized budget that brings your finances below your means.

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Living paycheck to paycheck is a dangerous game that most of us have played at one time or another. Scrimping by until payday rolls around, finding ourselves in need of more money days before the next paycheck. Sometimes, this need is legitimate. We have mouths to feed and actual needs that are EXPENSIVE. Other times, it is a lack of planning because a budget is not in place. I know working up a budget sounds extremely stressful. It doesn’t have to be! It also doesn’t have to be perfect, just adaptable to your family’s needs.

Budgeting can be a true blessing for those who may not know where there money is going every month. For those who have a spouse or children they share an account with, you may feel that they are wasting money each month. Stop the stress! Budgeting is just putting a name to a dollar amount and by doing this, you have now given those dollars meaning. They are no longer sitting in the account, waiting on an impulsive buy to be made. Some are even going towards your future goals and from someone who lived years without a budget, that is awesome! Take a deep breath and jump in to my 5 ways budgeting will reduce the stress in your life.

  • The spending war – Stop bickering over who spends more money by setting limits and allowances.
  • Big goals – End the anxiety of how you will make your future goals work out. You have the ability to take control of your spending and use your savings to get you where you want to go.
  • Credit card spending – No more using a credit card as a last resort and not knowing how you can afford to pay it off. Your purchases are now intentional and BELOW your means.
  • More Control – Do you hate working overtime? Once your finances are in check and the family is living below their means, late nights at the office won’t be necessary to survive. You might find one parent can even stay home with the children!
  • Keep life simple – Lose the overwhelming need to spend, spend, spend when you have what you need and you can ACTUALLY afford what you have.

Did you notice the mental shift that occurs when you implement a budget? It is no longer about how much you can buy but how you can still live a full life now and in the future. It’s no secret that money doesn’t buy you happiness but it is a protection against hard times. So, work out a simple budget, get your family on board and watch your money stress decrease each month!

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