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I love finding new uses for things I already own. Like the millions of uses for baking soda, lemons or essential oils. I hate cluttering up my home and space with items that serve a simple purpose or that aren’t actually helping me in some way.

That is why, I want to share with you 10 awesome uses for the Free Budget Planner you received in your email! You can use it over and over again to achieve great results because the information is easy to use and allows you to build a plan!

If you haven’t had a chance to download the Free Budget Planner, here is the Link.

10 Uses for the Free Budget Planner

  1. Party Budget Planner – Stay on budget by categorizing your party allowance. A great way to enjoy a fabulous party without breaking the bank!
  2. Kid’s Allowance – Providing kids with a financial education is a great way to help them make life long positive financial choices. Set each child up with their own budget planner so they can see their money coming in and make decisions on how they want to spend it.
  3. Income Tracker – For those who have various streams of income, you can convert your budget planner in to an income tracker! Just categorize each payment by income source. An easy way to keep records!
  4. Garage Sale Tracker – Keep your garage sale orderly by recording each sale and use the categories to assign it to a certain person. Tallying up totals at the end of the garage sale is a breeze!
  5. Home Asset Tracker – It is always a good idea to track your assets for financial and insurance reasons. Categorize them by location or value. Don’t forget to take pictures for record!
  6. Business Budget Planner – Keeping a business budget is just as important as a home budget! It also opens your eyes to where leaks in your budget occur (memberships, over priced goods, etc.)
  7. Vacation Budget Planner – Organize your next trip’s expenses! No more surprise costs and you will be well prepared!
  8. Babysitter Funds Tracking – If you use multiple babysitters through out the year, it can get messy at tax time to determine how much to claim for the childcare tax credit. So enter each payment made and assign it to a babysitter. That way, you can see who has been paid and how much.
  9. Grocery organizer/estimator – input your grocery list to see how much you spend in different departments of the store. Easily determine your food costs vs. toiletries and personal care. You now have an organized list to do your shopping!
  10. Daily Spending Tracker – This one is my FAVORITES because it is the biggest eye opener. What am I spending my salary on each day? Why does it cost so much money for my family to live each and every day? Become aware of how your money is spent so you can create an even better budget!

Take the opportunity to use the free budget planner in more areas of your life. I guarantee you will find a use that helps you get things organized and makes the process easier to do!

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