Creating a useful work space lesson #2

"How can I get a handle on my craft supplies when they seem to multiply in front of me?"

I feel this is a major struggle for small business owners, like yourself. Together, we can end the madness and regain your living space!

I want to help you control supplies by
1) Determining supply levels and
2) organizing supplies in your new workspace.

So how do you stop the supply creep from taking over your home?

Follow my #1 rule….

Business takes place in an office. Simple as that. Keep your business in one place!

Your designated work space from lesson #1 is the only place your supplies should be located. There is one exception you can read about below.

I know. It sounds unreasonable!

To be fair, I have experienced my share of supply creep that ended in destroyed supplies (broken picture frames galore!), losing precious supplies I scoured the internet for and dripping pizza grease on a freshly printed product.

No office = Hot Mess Maker

It was a definite lesson learned of what not to do but I am here to share what you can do to create a useful workspace.

If you read lesson #1, you know we are working with a blank slate in your new office space. We have the opportunity to set up your supplies to improve your workflow.

If you missed lesson #1, here is the link.

In all honesty, I do not know the exact reason why your supply situation isn't working for you. There are various reason supplies take over, such as:

  • Over ordering supplies – But I had a coupon!! (I ALWAYS have a coupon!)
  • Never used supplies – (*Finds forgotten bag of supplies in back of closet 3 months later*)
  • Bulky supplies – projects disappear in to the black hole of your craft room!

What it comes down to is there is not "one size fits all" solution that covers all businesses.

With a little experimenting, you can figure out the perfect solution between supply levels and organization that fits perfectly for your life.

In one way or another, you work to keep your business flowing with the correct amount of supplies to get the job done. Sometimes, what we think we need and what we actually need can become skewed.

We want our supplies and profits to stay balanced! We have to stop the unnecessary purchases to regain money, time and SPACE.

How do we take control of our supplies?

#1 Create a monthly supply order –
The first step is controlling supplies by creating a monthly supply order. Sound overwhelming? It doesn't have to be with a little research.

To start, pick apart your busiest sales month to determine supplies and quantities used to create an outline for your new supply order.

Add or subtract supplies based on current offerings and changes in your business.

Want to know another perk from simply creating a monthly supply order? Your bookkeeping just got a whole lot easier.

No more searching for that lost receipt because you know exactly when and where you purchased your last batch of supplies. Easy peasy!

#2 Finding space for each supply –
We're going to find the perfect little space for each supply in your arsenal. But to do this, you must imagine your space in an organized and creative manner, including your supplies.

You might be thinking "There is no way I can shove all my supplies in to one tiny workspace. You have no idea what I'm working with here!!!"

Honestly, I don't know what you are working with specifically but I do know with creativity and willpower, we can find a solution!

You may not believe this, but the order you organize your supplies can make a difference on your work flow (and how much you can fit in one space). Keep reading to figure out one of my big organizing secrets!

When filling your new workspace, put in the biggest pieces first. I'm talking about those supplies that end up taking over the house because they have no good home. (*Cough* Polyfil *Cough Cough* yarn)

Find containers that actually contain your supplies and fit well in your space. A useful but odd choice could be a trash can!

The height is great for pushing under a work table and the lid keeps kids and pets from unraveling gallons of supplies.

You can also invest in a large bookcase or shelving to accommodate lots of smaller containers for holding your bulky supplies.

The point is, you now have the freedom to fill your workspace with the big items first, GUARANTEEING the right space and location for your work.

What if you honestly cannot stuff one more item in to your workspace? It's time to get creative! First, start by putting what you can in to your workspace, in a nice and neat fashion. If you can't shove one more thing in your bookcase, on your shelves or in your drawers, it is time to come up with a plan B.

The plan is to expand your workspace to the nearest, unused, out of sight space. This could be a closet, basement or possibly even under a bed. It should not be seen by the untrained eye BECAUSE half the goal is to regain your personal space. Don't let it take over again!

Your new supply storage area will remain as clutter free and organized as your actual workspace!

Now that your workspace is full of fluffy supplies, now what?

  • Start adding in all of your supplies.
  • Keep the space functional by placing supplies strategically through out the workspace.
  • Use desk organizers to keep tools and everyday supplies in arms reach from anywhere in your office. Don't get caught without a pair of scissors!
  • Rework your supply locations until they work for you!

As you might have guessed, this is not an easy project you can put together once and walk away.

Our supplies are messy and so we are left reconfiguring until we find the sweet spot for everything.

Don't give up!! If things still feel clunky and unorganized, drag them back out of the room and try again.

And there you have it, Lesson #2 for creating a useful workspace. The answer to stopping supplies from taking over your home – control your supply levels – finding the perfect space for each supply – now you are on your way to an organized, enjoyable workspace!

Thanks for stopping by!
– Tameeka

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