Why I treasure your favorite recipes

A good recipe is worth its weight in gold! That is no exaggeration with how hard it is to connect with others these days. All it takes is a great recipe and a warm conversation to make a best friend for life!

I have personally started a fantastic relationship with a woman and food is our connection point. I met a beautiful lady in her late 70's that absolutely changed my life.

She is a petite little thing, standing tall at 4 foot 10 inches and 80lbs. soaking wet, but she could demand the attention of every single person in the room with just a snap of her fingers. She is beloved by all.

The amazing thing about this woman is she can cook like no other but cannot smell or taste anything she cooks. Her condition has left her with no appetite seeing as the food she eats provides no enjoyment for herself.

This doesn't stop her from whipping up a 4 course lunch every Sunday and perfecting each recipe until it is leaves you in a food coma! I am grateful to have learned a few tricks of the trade from this amazing woman.

Her mashed potatoes are absolutely, to die for! She finally, after years of asking, let me in on the secret. A secret I will share with you! Cream cheese. It is all in the cream cheese, ladies. When she whips up an enormous batch of smooth, buttery potatoes she ever so sneakily unwraps her block of cream cheese and begins to blend, hoping it will go undetected. I think she loved the moment of surprise when an ordinary bowl of mashed potatoes sent a table full of guests in to a frenzy. My dear friend Lyndia, rarely had leftovers to put away at the end of a meal.

I have replicated her amazing recipe hundreds of times and though mine are a crowd pleaser, there is still something even better about hers. It's the love folks. You just can't fake the passion and skill she has in the kitchen.

She made such a difference in my life because of my background. My mother's side of the family are not cooks.

I remember summers at grandma's house where the main course was usually a choice of ramen noodles with hamburger or ramen noodles with hot dogs. Neither choice was a real palate pleaser!

There are no recipes to pass down (except my great aunt's amazing Korean Bulgogi). No aspirations of being a chef.

That is okay because I have met so many great people who have recipes that warm my heart and give a different meaning to my perspective of home. Home is where I feel comforted and alive! Amazing food does that for me and my family.

My father's side of the family has a few recipes that I love. My absolutely favorite is my dad's gravy.

It was always a treat when dad would wake up an hour before everyone else so he could whip up a batch of gravy with golden, fluffy biscuits.

This recipe actually came to be by accident. Dad wanted to make his delicious gravy for my mother but she can't stand the strong flavor of sausage. She just couldn't eat it. So he set out to make a gravy she would love.

He substituted sausage for bacon and added a quarter cup of sugar. The results were PHENOMENAL. I swear you have never had gravy like my dad's gravy!

These recipes bring back great memories and I love sharing my special recipes with my family! I am constantly looking for a new recipe that goes beyond being just a meal but an experience that feels like home.

With my recipe exploration taking off, I created an easy way for me to collect, organize and print recipe cards. Now I can share my recipes as a housewarming gift or just between family and friends.

Do you have a specific recipe that reminds you of home or reminds your family of your amazing cooking? Please share!!

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