Why September is the prime time for organizing

Temps are already starting to fall where I live in the central Midwest, USA.

It creates quite a buzz of excitement, a new season to enjoy with its own slew of activities.

I'm excited for warm fires, drinks and conversations, enjoying the great outdoors. Hitting every apple orchard, pumpkin patch and colorful, tree lined street, soaking in the prettiest parts of fall.

Before the true excitement hits, before the weekend plans here and there pop up, take a few days and do a good thorough cleaning & organizing over your whole house.

I choose September as my "fall cleaning" (I always miss spring cleaning). A time to dig out all of our long sleeves and sweaters and put away the shorts and swim wear.

I also prefer September because I know my house will see more people in the coming months than it ever did the first part of the year. I want to create a space that is warm and inviting for all to gather. Clutter free and guest friendly is my way of providing this.

I feel that hospitality is such an important and rewarding part of life. We have the opportunity to gather friends, family and those we wish to know better to share a meal, a drink or just great conversation.

An organized home allows the freedom for spontaneous hospitality without the stress and worry of how we are presenting ourselves.

Keeping the kitchen organized has its perks when baking is on the brain and counter/ pantry space is limited. Choose creative solutions for organizing your precious pantry staples and kitchen tools.

If you love fall crafting (crocheter here!) it is a great time to organize your supplies and watch the sales for this seasons trends.

I like to crochet hats for family and friends and this is the time I start watching sales and asking what colors they would like to wear this year.

Hopefully this year I can get them all done before it turns cold!

It is also a great time to start any outdoor projects that will enhance your fall experience.

These are the "fall hotspots" you don't want to miss:

  • Closets – Take summer clothes out, replace with fall.
  • Pantry – Make room for extra baking supplies.
  • Desks & drawers – keep tensions down by keep these locations organized and easy to manage.
  • Movie collections – Narrow down to the classics your family will enjoy at home this year.
  • Bathrooms – Find places for practical items like toilet paper that will be easy for guests to find.
  • Bedrooms – Create inviting bedrooms with warmer blankets and comforters for fall.
  • Storage – put away the summer fun and bring out the Fall warmth!

I absolutely couldn't leave your finances off the list. This is a great time to nail down a budget and end the overspending frenzy that seems to come with fall and winter.

Remember that the time that you spend with others is more important than any gift or trinket you can purchase for them.

Focus your energy on creating a warm, inviting and loving atmosphere this fall. The laughs, conversations and moments with family and friends are the things you will truly cherish for years to come.

Happy fall! Enjoy every season of life!

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