You might need a budget if….

If you spend time on Pinterest, you are well aware the topic of budgeting is trending! The resources for creating a budget and reading budget journeys are in abundance.

Have you considered jumping on the budget making, Aldi shopping and crockpot cooking bandwagon? If so, this little guide was created just for you!


After years of researching and maintaining a family budget, I have narrowed down the amazing benefits and reasons a family would choose to forgo the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

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Even better, read through the following 8 questions and if your answer is an honest, “NO”, you might need a budget to reach your financial goals.


Q #1 – Does my current income provide everything my family wants, without increasing our debt?

Q #2Does my current income allow me to save for the future, including an emergency fund, without increase our debt?  

Q #3Does my current income allow me to pay my credit card balances in full each month?

Q #4Does my current income allow me to make all of my bills on-time?

Q #5Do I feel fulfilled from my current spending habits?

Q #6 – Do I put money towards my debts regularly, working towards debt free living?

Q #7Do I often have to miss out on important events or trips because there just isn’t enough money to go around?

Q #8In 5 years, will your current financial situation let you reach your goals?


How did your answers add up? No worries! A simple budget can have you reaching your family goals in no time!


The simple secret behind creating a budget is your new found awareness of your daily spending. Being aware allows you to refocus your income on more important opportunities such as quality purchases and debt repayment.

Take the plunge and commit to making wiser purchases, staying accountable to your daily spending and save money for a better future!


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