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Puffs of lavender perfume the air as the Gonzalez family winds down for the evening in mom and dad’s comfy bed. The two youngest enjoy this time, squealing and squirming as they receive oil massages on their little toes, an extra measure to ensure a great night’s sleep. Sleep is essential for this active family of 6 and DeAnna, owner of All Oil Everything, has perfected the bedtime routine with sleepy time oil and monster spray.

While her family is tucked in for the night, DeAnna heads to her home office to begin work on her small business. Her social media presence coupled with her small batch, high quality products makes her one busy woman.

Onlookers can quickly see it must take patience and a fantastically organized mama to run her busy life. DeAnna has her act together and was gracious enough to interview with me as I attempt to find the secret to her time management skills and intentional living.

Her Family

Tell me about your current family, work and business life.

I am a full time working wife and mom of four. My oldest is away at college, my middle is my step daughter who is with us half the time and my two littles are busy with kindergarten and Montessori preschool.

My husband often travels for work and we have become really successful managers of our time and schedules. I have worked for all of my adult life, especially because I had my first daughter so young.

27DE523B-2135-41AF-AC3A-B6D6B4E52EA8What values are most important to you?

My family always comes first and I value the time I have with them. Everything else comes after that. Working is just a means to an end and definitely does not define who I am. I am a wife and mother first.

 How do you juggle family life, full-time work, a small business and your social life?

Work life….

Each day is different and a fun challenge to manage. I work early mornings so that I can be off work in time to pick up my kids from school. The special hour or two after we’re home is an amazing bonding time and I am especially grateful to have a job that allows me the flexibility in my schedule.

Small business…

I work on orders while making and prepping dinner or else it waits until the kids are in bed.

Social life…

Friends and family are very important to us and we have friends over at least a few times per week. Some of them sit in my office with me while I work on my business or they come over to distract the kiddos. I love my friends because they know just how and when I need the support.

Family life…

Weekends are reserved for family time, sports activities and parties! We love throwing parties and going out/being adults when we can. It is important to my husband and I to also have time for us due to our busy lifestyle.

How do you handle days or weeks where you feel overworked and stretched thin?

When I’m feeling overworked or stretched thin the first thing I do is clear my schedule. At least a day or two. I tend to pack in my days and weeks so having a day of “nothing” is a huge stress reliever. I’ll use that day for whatever I need: Catch up on orders, laundry or my DVR.

I allow myself to do what I need to get back to zen. I enjoy a “self-care day” quite regularly. These are days that I don’t go to work, enjoy breakfast with my children, take them to school and spend the rest of the time doing whatever I want.

What is your favorite way to refresh and renew yourself for another busy week?

I am a huge fan of journaling, indoor cycling, getting my nails done, shopping alone, decluttering my house and watching reality tv. I really value quiet and not “having to do” anything.

Renewal can also be time spent with friends, enjoying food or wine and laughing our butts off.

How do you stay organized with your home life and small business?

I write massive to do lists! I am a big fan of the makers lists from House of Hays, created by my bff Vicky Hays. I also set timers to keep me on track and alarms to remind me when to post social media or to stay on topic with my audience.

I have just started using spreadsheets to organize the back end of my business, thanks to Tameeka of Savvynester 😉 My husband and I sync up with our digital calendars and iphones!

What is your best piece of advice for parents trying to keep a busy schedule while staying present for their kids?

My best advice for busy parents is to SLOW DOWN. Take the time to listen and really respond to your children. In the end, your children will remember the time you spent with them. They don’t know about deadlines, have-to-dos and all that comes along with being an adult and they shouldn’t have to know about it until they are grown up.

You are their biggest and best role model so show them what a parent is supposed to be by taking care of yourself, staying balanced and loving your child through intentional actions and words.

4DCEB328-695B-46B2-B1A3-E592B6685F91 Your family loves to express themselves through their clothing and personal style, including your personal line of All oil everything clothing. How do you keep up with the high demands of laundry and messes in general on such a tight schedule?

Sunday is my typical laundry & “get ready for the week” day – I also like to preset loads of laundry before I leave for work – I can delay my washer up to 8 hours so all I have to do is rotate my wash when I get home!

As far as folding and putting away, I usually dedicate time during the kids’ last tv show of the night. It’s our settle down time and a perfect way to spend time with the kids while getting things done. I try to force myself to put everything away while they brush their teeth and get ready for bed but it doesn’t always happen.

I find that the sooner I put it away the better. Like right now, I have a basket full of clothes that have been sitting for a couple days! Last Sunday I delegated laundry to my husband and he is GOOD at getting it done so I’m thankful for that!

Her Business

What inspired you to start All Oil Everything?

I started using essential oils after my son was born premature. I needed a way to be proactive and protect my family in a simple and convenient way. I love creating recipes and am impressed by the numerous benefits each essential oil has.

I began making & sharing them with my friends and family. Some of them where eager to learn and create with me while others just didn’t have the time or energy but were still excited to get started with oils.

My passion is ultimately to help others and so I created my line with the idea that anyone could easily integrate the power of oils in their daily lives. My goal is to get them in your hands so you can have your own experiences, discoveries and relief.

For those who follow you on Instagram, it is very apparent that your children are welcome in your workspace. How do you keep productive and keep frustration to a minimum when you have “little helpers”?

I allow my kids to “work” with me – I encourage them to be creative and create at the same time as I do!

When I do need some “heads down” time I close my office door, set a timer and tell them I’ll be out as soon as I’m done focusing. I am their biggest example – it is important to stick to my word and set boundaries about when I need time to get things done and then stick to that allotted time.

My husband helps with distraction when I am really under a time crunch!

What are you next big plans for your small business, All Oil Everything and where can we check out your brand?

I am working on expanding my online presence by adding new products, converting my subscription service to a more user friendly platform and offering many more products on Amazon! My website is


DeAnna’s story is inspiring and many in the small business community are so thankful for her contribution!

DeAnna is the most ambitious person I know, I don’t know anyone else who can successfully manage about 47 different social media groups.

She is someone you can depend on to give truthful feedback, veer you in the right direction and help you stay the course. She is someone I consider to be a mentor and leader.” – Vicky

Thank you, DeAnna for providing a perspective of true intentional living, dream chasing and how you stay organized along the way!

Each of us has a story to tell and a passion to share. Comment below your favorite intentional family moment or a way your family stays organized!


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3 thoughts on “Motherhood + Chasing Her Dreams – All Oil Everything

  1. Thank you Savvy Nester I need as much help as possible. I am a solo mom (hate term single mom) with 3 kids and most days are chaotic. I never feel like I have enough time to truly make a good impact on their lives because I’m always working. I do need help managing my time better and definitely help organizing my house and schedule. Thank you for tgis story I can see the light at the end of my extremely long tunnel.

    1. I am so honored that this post reached you! Motherhood is hectic and being 3 kiddos #1 all the time is such a privilege but it is HARD (I can only imagine). Don’t forget to rely on your village and take a self-care Day here and there! You are doing great!

    2. Awww Stacey! Definitely try setting some timers and see if that helps to start. If you can try to set up a day of babysitting, that could also be beneficial to help get you on track or ahead of the game. Good luck to you, you are doing so well by showing your kiddos what a hardworking mama is. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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