About Savvy Nester

You've been dreaming of finally getting your Home & Small Business organized and running efficiently.

Unfortunately, it feels like two steps forward and one step back. The car breaks down, the dishwasher needs repaired and the kids get sick, all in one week! So much for getting on top of things.

Where do you start when life is messy?

Hi! My name is Tameeka.

I find busy people like you and show them how they can escape the constant clutter of life by creating a routine that actually works.

Home Life

I know what it feels like to look around and see everything "undone". You walk past the kitchen table or that little corner on the counter where everything piles up and you just want to swipe it all in the trash can. You are buried alive in obligations, events, bills, reminders and junk mail. So much so that you don't have the energy to start sorting through it all anytime in the near future.

I found my love for organization, when I realized that my cluttered life wasn't working for me anymore. I craved a stress free life and found myself all to often bogged down by unnecessary problems that just needed addressed, once and for all.

Then, my son was born and I was in for a whirlwind of change! I found myself taking care of a newborn, working full time and running an Etsy shop on the side. It was enough to make anyone crazy!

After getting my bearings, I created a routine that allowed me to keep up with all aspects of my life while finding pockets of time to spending doing things for me. Something EVERY new mother needs! Things really started to click for me and I was able to apply my personal strategy to more and more areas of my life. I felt like I had found a loophole in the system!

Small Business Life

Small business owners need organization more than ever to find the most efficient processes to increase profit and decrease time chained to their work. Why work so hard if you are honestly, barely breaking even?

I currently run an Etsy shop that sells organizational solutions for home and business. My Etsy shop was my inspiration for starting this blog and continues to inspire me to reach out to others to help organize their businesses.

In the beginning, I struggled to keep supplies and orders organized, resulting in late night trips to the store and delayed shipments. Many times I wished I could just start from scratch and throw everything away. I was a bit of a hot mess back then! Since then, I have learned many organizational tricks for whipping my finances and production process in to shape! I now know that half the battle is knowing where you stand in your business so you can learn from the past to make better decisions.

Get the ball rolling

If you are ready to make changes, create routines and step outside of your usual patterns, you are in the right place.

Change isn't easy. You have to commit to improving your life in order for action to occur. You must be ready to LEAD the change that is going to occur in your life and business. It is going to take determination and extra work in the beginning but the results will be extraordinary!

I'm here to guide you to make the needed changes to fix what is keeping you back from feeling 100% productive.

Thank you for stopping by! I am so happy to be a part of your success sorry.

An organized nest is a happy nest,