Never buy kids clothes again!

Kids go through clothes faster than I can seem to buy them. Something is always too short and that adorable outfit you picked out for picture day is already snug. How can that be?

My son was born at 8lbs. 13oz. and grew twice as fast as other newborns (or so it seemed). He was wearing clothes meant for a one year old by 6 months old. I felt like I was constantly searching for new clothes days before he was about to burst out of his old ones.

Then, I found the secret for getting ahead of the game! Clothing swaps. Instead of meeting up for coffee, bring all of the kids out grown clothes to one place and trading them off for the next size up. No more searching the sales racks for just the right size or waiting on hand me downs from a relative. It cleaned out my house and saved me from spending hundreds of dollars each time he needed something new to wear.

You can invite moms with kids of all ages so there is a nice variety to choose from. A few moms were just interested in off loading their kid’s old clothes so they could get their space back. Most of us left with more than we brought! Once everyone picked through the clothes, the rest went to charity and it just took minutes to drop the bags off at the drop off location.

Putting an event together is not hard with today’s technology! Use a Facebook event or email to send out invitations to local moms. When they RSVP, ask them to give you a rough estimate of what sizes they will be bringing with them. Make sure to get moms together that have kids around the same size so everyone has clothes to choose from.

On the day of the event, set out tables for various sizes of clothes so it isn’t a mad house! Have a section for hang up clothing so they aren’t wrinkled in the process.

Snack and coffee or wine are always a fun idea and make it an event for moms to come together for a good time.

Now that you know my little secret, use it to keep your family costs down and relieve a bit of the stress of keeping them all clothed.