Maintaining Ambition when you are Tired or Bored

I have an idea!! A goal!! A dream!! It’s piping hot and I just can’t sit still with excitement for this brand new, scary, energizing dream I want to achieve!

Everyone has felt the effects of an ambitious mind, ready to tackle new projects with an energy source that puts the energizer bunny to shame.

Then, somewhere down the road, things become sluggish. You’re pushing, pushing, pushing but the results are just not as spectacular as they once were. You may be bored, overwhelmed or tired, just trying to complete the day to day tasks to keep things moving.

Most everyone has felt the stagnant air of lost ambition.

Sometimes what you started may not lead you where you want to go. Other times, you just need a recharge of your ambition batteries, rebooting the enthusiasm about your dreams.

Having been in both situations on repeat again and again, I have shared my best tips for maintaining and rekindling the ambition you once had for your dreams.

Determine the Outcome

Being stuck in a rut can be quicksand for any dreamer’s ambition. Too often, tasks and decisions pile up because our dream has no true focus, no finish line. By seeing the final outcome of your dream, you can work backwards to create a plan of action.

With the outcome in mind, your decisions will be streamlined and focused to reach the outcome you have decided for yourself.

Maintaining Ambition is 20% pushing forward and 80% being able to see where your dreams will take you.

Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule

Ambition can be directed by how we feel about our ability to achieve and accomplish our dreams.

Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule takes your self doubt out of the equation and focuses on making a decision in the moment. 

Her secret hack to staying motivated and maintaining her ambition each day is incredibly simple and powerful. When she feels pressured or unmotivated to act in a way that is true to herself, she counts down from 5, redirects herself and pursues that positive action.

I need to wake up an hour before the kids to give time for self care.

Alarm goes off

5…..4…..3….2….1…. I’M UP!

No procrastination, no negotiation, simply doing the exact thing you set out to do. Try this the next time you need to make that important business phone call, have dreaded paperwork (TAXES!!) or just need the rocket boost to get yourself back in to gear. It could change your life!

To learn more, check out this link:

Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule

Show Gratitude for your Progress

I think everyone, at one time or another, has lost their focus on a dream. You look up, see the chaos and reality of your life during your busiest season and wonder why you are even fighting anymore. You may even consider quitting your dream all together.

I can’t stress enough the value you are bringing by fighting hard for what you want. Behind your obstacles and barricades is fulfillment and joy unmatched by your current situation.

When an obstacle has you frustrated, tired and ready to throw in the towel, take a moment to show gratitude for how far you have come. 

Show gratitude for the tiny seed of an idea that you have been able to grow! Taking time to reflect and appreciate where you are today can show you that you are capable of more than you even know.

Redirect and Refocus

I love sharing my big dreams and goals with my family and friends. Having an amazing support system can keep you on the right track and chugging along with little resistance.

Unfortunately, sometimes those well meaning friends and family can give advice or have specific ideas of how things should look that we start down a path that isn’t going to work for us, unaware that it might not be right for us. It makes reaching our goals 1000x harder when we are not being authentic to what we believe or want.

Stop the projects that feel forced, unauthentic or that lead you down a dead end road.

Maybe its a custom project someone asked you to create for them that goes beyond your business’s scope. Determine if what you are about to do works with what you want for your future self. If it doesn’t, move on and leave the opportunity for something great to take its place!

You will feel the shift in energy when you have found the projects, tasks and vision that are genuine to your goals.

Your creative juices will flow again  and your progress will double, triple or even quadruple compared to the time you were spending on things that just didn’t resonate with you.

Now is the time to rekindle your ambition, take a leap in to the next chapter of your story! Believe in yourself and you can make this thing happen!

Did you find this encouraging?

Please comment below how you plan to maintain your ambition and move up to the next level of your dream.

You might need a budget if….

If you spend time on Pinterest, you are well aware the topic of budgeting is trending! The resources for creating a budget and reading budget journeys are in abundance.

Have you considered jumping on the budget making, Aldi shopping and crockpot cooking bandwagon? If so, this little guide was created just for you!

After years of researching and maintaining a family budget, I have narrowed down the amazing benefits and reasons a family would choose to forgo the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

Even better, read through the following 8 questions and if your answer is an honest, “NO”, you might need a budget to reach your financial goals.

Q #1 – Does my current income provide everything my family wants, without increasing our debt?

Q #2Does my current income allow me to save for the future, including an emergency fund, without increase our debt?  

Q #3Does my current income allow me to pay my credit card balances in full each month?

Q #4Does my current income allow me to make all of my bills on-time?

Q #5Do I feel fulfilled from my current spending habits?

Q #6 – Do I put money towards my debts regularly, working towards debt free living?

Q #7Do I often have to miss out on important events or trips because there just isn’t enough money to go around?

Q #8In 5 years, will your current financial situation let you reach your goals?

How did your answers add up? No worries! A simple budget can have you reaching your family goals in no time!

The simple secret behind creating a budget is your new found awareness of your daily spending. Being aware allows you to refocus your income on more important opportunities such as quality purchases and debt repayment.

Take the plunge and commit to making wiser purchases, staying accountable to your daily spending and save money for a better future!

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Why your life is still cluttered.

Life clutter is the tangled little messes that keep you doing the same thing, day after day. Imagine the tangled mess of power cords living behind your computer desk or entertainment center. You know they are there but usually choose to ignore the mess. We do the same thing with our personal life clutter because it is exhausting.

Life clutter can start with your finances, relationships, work or any other big component of your life. When the big clutter is cleared out, all of the little clutter takes care of itself.

The simplest way to identify your life clutter is by comparing your personal values with the current state of your life. If I said one of my core values is having a healthy body but I haven’t eaten a vegetable that wasn’t fried in weeks, I have a big ole pile of life clutter. My life is obviously out of balance with who I want and know I can be.

What is holding you back from clearing away some major clutter in your life?

  • It is difficult. Most of us prefer to stay in our comfort zone!
  • It is all we know. When we have done things the same way for years, shaking that up may seem risky and nerve wracking.
  • No one has shown us how! For this, you may need a role model. Sometimes those around us have good intentions but they are stuck doing things the way they have always been done. Finding a role model outside of our comfort zone can inspire us in ways we never expected.
  • We can’t see past our current situation. It might feel like you are going to be in this season of life forever. The decisions we make add up each day to change our future.
  • We can’t see the benefits. For me, this was hiring a professional to take care of important tasks. Once I finally changed my mindset, I couldn’t understand why I was so opposed to it in the beginning. Sometimes we need to take the time to research a subject and find inspiring “Whys” for our actions.
  • We haven’t risen the bar for ourselves. Our standards set what we expect from ourselves. If we never set the standard that we need to get our act together, it just isn’t going to happen. We become exactly what we allow or don’t allow for ourselves.

Can you pin point the life clutter you are avoiding each day? Wondering if it is even worth it to change now?

I want to share with you my personal story that started my love for organization. It starts way back as a newly wed. I was married just a few months shy of 19 years old. Super young and in love and thought I was ready to run a household. Even though we didn’t have much physical clutter, we had a big issue causing tremendous life clutter.

Our first home was a teeny, tiny duplex apartment, sharing parking with the auto mechanic shop next door. Each room was “efficient” with just enough space to sleep, sit or cook, not an inch of space to spare for storage or a dining room table. Fortunately, the price was right at just $365 a month and I didn’t think much of it having spent most of my life sharing a room with my younger sister.

Shortly after moving in, the concept of space was a never ending concern. Why you might ask? This young, 19 year old girl wanted a baby. Without a dollar to her name or a square foot of extra space to put a bassinet, a baby was on the brain. My husband and I talked it over time and time again. It just wasn’t going to happen with our current living situation.

That’s when the wheels were set in motion. Nothing motivates more than wanting something you can’t have and believe me, I was one motivated woman. It all started by finding better work.

I started working full time which gave us the extra money to move. I was going to save all that extra money so I could start building a better life and work towards starting my own family. Oh Naive, 19 year old self, that wasn’t going to happen! As soon as the paychecks rolled in, the money rolled right back out to the tune of a new car loan and a small lifestyle upgrade. We made the same mistake we had been warned time and time again about. The lifestyle creep. Spending just enough money to keep us in debt, living paycheck to paycheck.

How could we still struggle when the money coming in was double my original weekly pay? It didn’t take long until I realized we had absolutely no clue what our financial situation looked like. Sure, we paid our bills but now we were in debt. What would happen if one of us got sick? We were living blindly and it was a constant source of life clutter.

So I decided to take what I knew about creating Excel spreadsheets and I made my first budget planner. It was an eye opener! The first time I took a look at our bank account statements, I was blown away. We were spending double our rent on going out, fast food and groceries. Our money was being wasted at every turn. As painful as this first budget review felt, at least I was starting to get what was keeping us broke and frustrated. Now I had the opportunity to improve it because I knew exactly what part of our finances was weak.

I did research, picked my financial role models and set out to improve our lives. Within a few years, we were able to buy our first home and now have a sweet 18 month old boy!

Not only was I able to change my life in a few short years, I also removed a piece of life clutter that was bogging my family down. Now, when big unexpected expenses hit, our family isn’t scared, worried how we can manage another payment. Our financial life isn’t perfect but it an amazing improvement.

I hope my story has helped you identify a piece of life clutter that is closing doors in other areas of your life. Want to take action? Raise your standards of what you expect from yourself each day. Make it a habit to add or subtract whatever it takes to reach your goal. Research the right action to take and follow through. Find a community or role model to
Keep you accountable to your goal.

We all have room for improvement and when we take the opportunity to clear up life clutter, we open doors for the things we truly want t, providing space in our lives.

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Wasting time is killing your joy!

When I feel overwhelmed and out of touch, I like to remember that I have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé. Now, that doesn’t mean that Beyonce’s life doesn’t include feelings of frustration or strain on her time.

Each of us has 24 hours a day. No more, no less but the biggest difference is how we choose to use it.

When we waste time, we are stealing those minutes, hours and days away from the things we find important. We may say how much we wish we had time to visit with family, host a dinner party or go camping at our favorite national park. You do have the time, it requires preparation and planning to open up your schedule for those fun activities.

I am going to share with you possible time wasters that may have you trapped! We will talk about WHY we engage in time wasters that honestly do not add value to our lives. Then, I will help you fight back and remove time wasters from your schedule.

Terrible Time Wasters:

  • You guessed it, personal SOCIAL MEDIA! You have no obligation for checking your personal social media regularly.
  • Over texting during the day. Save that conversation for the dinner table or over a cup of coffee!
  • Obligations you just don’t enjoy and don’t have to do.
  • Keeping up on every TV series just to have something to talk about with friends/coworkers.
  • Complaining about your life.

Why we waste time:

We all need an outlet to get our minds off of the every day matters of life. That may mean popping on Instagram 10 times a day, texting a best friend something funny you heard or venting in person or on a message board about how hard life can be.

Each example may APPEAR to connect us with those around us but it just isn’t so. We are robbing ourselves of the joy of pure human interaction.

How and why to stop:

We need to stop! Use those 10 minutes x 10, 20, 30 times a day to plan, prepare and accomplish more so you can live for the things you hope for. It may not feel like a big time waster in the moment but when we each have a limited amount of hours in our day, each minute counts.

The next time you reach for your phone, tablet or computer to catch up on social media or message boards, create a list for the future. A list on what places you want to visit, who you want to have over for dinner, what family you want to see this year or who you haven’t had coffee with in a while. Then, the next time you get the urge to waste time, create a plan for how you will accomplish your wish! Set out the step it will take to make it happen. Then, start putting those wheels in motion.

Before you know it, you will be living the life you always dreamed you would!

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Change your life in 20 minutes a day!

Do you feel like a slave to your home? Constantly cleaning, paying bills and making appointments?

When you finally get a day to yourself, does your phone beep incessantly because life just cannot move on without you taking care of everything?

IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. I promise, you are allowed to take time for yourself and your world doesn’t have to come to a screeching halt!

20 minutes a day
A manageable amount of time to get your life together while still taking care of your day to day. Why is it so life changing? Life needs direction or it will over run you in a heartbeat. Each step you take is another step closer to having a plan in place. You will gain peace and more time for yourself, I guarantee it!

Remembering it all
Your very first task is to implement a planner in your life. I don’t care if it is a family binder, the calendar you have on your phone or a paper planner. You need a space to keep your appointments, projects, deadlines, special events and thoughts, in order.

No more surprise events that have you running to the mall, Looking for a dress the night before. Write every appointment down, there on the spot. Don’t leave remembering an event, 3 months from now, up to your brain to remember. It has a million other things to do!

Your 20 minute challenge
What area of your life is weighing you down the most? Is it finances, constant errands to run, a busy schedule or a disorganized home? Find your biggest pain point and only focus on that issue during your daily 20 minutes.

Start here – Ideas
Personally, I use to hate cooking. I would dread when someone asks, what’s for dinner. I was never prepared and I never had the ingredients for meals I would actually want to eat. Then, I found meal planning and it has changed my life! I spend 20 minutes every 2 weeks coming up with a meal plan that I KNOW my family will love. I shop for the ingredients and dinner is on the table every night (no more take out!). A big win for my family because I care about their health and hate spending $30 on Chinese or pizza delivery.

Paying bills can overtake your life! Stop giving bills more than 20 minutes of your attention each month. Online bill pay changed my life and I don’t know what I would do without it. No more calling to pay with a debit card or sending in a paper check that could take 10+ days to process. I set up all of my accounts with my online bill pay account through my bank. Now it takes less than 5 minutes to schedule every single bill. I don’t have to think about it again until the next month!

Every house is messy at times, especially with children. The trick is to stay organized and declutter often, to keep things manageable. Each room, closet, drawer and cubby hole should have a purpose and everything needs a home. Start by picking a small area that needs organized in your home. A hall closet is a great starting point and take 20 minutes to clean it out and create intentional space for each item. Get rid of things that haven’t been used in months. If it isn’t useful regularly to your family or if it doesn’t bring you joy, it has to go. Do this with each room of your home and things will stay cleaner, you will know where everything is and you can relax!

Are you constantly on the run, going from appointment to appointment? It is time to take control of your schedule and set limits. There is only so much time in a day and it should be used wisely. Put together a family schedule that shows every single event going on for the month. Set a limit on the number of activities allowed per day and schedule accordingly. You will have to say no to the occasional event but it will allow you to see what appointments are adding value to your life and which ones are just sucking up your time.

Let’s go!
Are you ready to get started? It will be the best way to spend that 20 minutes of your day and you will be so glad you did! An organized life allows you to plan ahead and choose how you want to spend each day. Work hard and I promise you will begin to feel the effects of an organized life.