How to step in to your dreams with confidence + success

This post is part of a series written by women, sharing their passion and expertise on topics they have cultivated in their own lives.

This article was written by Tameeka Williams from Savvy Nester Designs.


What is your big, scary life dream? If you haven’t given it much thought your answer might be generic, a seemingly easy to reach dream that would improve your current life situation. I encourage you to Think Bigger!

Take a minute to truly think HARD about it. No worries, I will wait here.

You softly squeak out your answer, cheeks flush from embarrassment and a look of shock fills your face. Did I actually just say that out loud?

Yes you did! I applaud you for sharing your TRUE dream with me!

That’s the dream I want to hear!! The dream that is so big, this might be the first time those words have ever escaped your lips.

This is exactly where I want to start our relationship, on the level of discussing dreams that feel out of this world but give you life and passion that is unattainable any other way.

Your dream may look like overcoming a large obstacle in your life or reaching out for an adventure of a lifetime. Both dreams are scary, real and completely doable IF you take that first step.

I’ve had my personal share of dream following in the last 5 years. Some with success, others ending before I could see the true results of my labor.

Where would my life be if I would have jumped without looking back? I do not know but I’m 100% confident of the dreams I follow today.

From being a working mom, an ever-growing entrepreneur and a lover of all things self-improvement (minus the mushy, feel goody stuff), I’ve tackled my share of “First steps” and I want to share with you my Favorite ways to ensure a confident and successful journey towards a life of attained aspirations.


Find joy in the imperfection!

Congratulations! You have created a dream inside of you that is dying to get out in to the world.

The details are coming together nicely and something hits you that stops you dead in your tracks.

The voice of lack fills your mind as you begin to doubt your ability to move forward.

  • “I can’t afford a personal trainer to help me get in to shape.”
  • “I can’t start a blog because I know nothing about professional writing.”
  • “I can’t teach others to do a certain thing if my life isn’t 100% in order.”

STOP! Your journey is a work in progress. You must start from square one, just as all those before you did. Nobody is born knowing how to do everything they dream of doing. Instead, they are resourceful and scrappy enough to try!

Start today by taking the first baby step towards your dream.

  • “I can begin by walking around block near my home.”
  • “I can start writing my thoughts and ideas on subjects I am passionate about.”
  • “I can share with others what it has taken to get where I am today.”

Do not let a lack of something in your life keep you from taking the first step.

Here is your personal push to click “Publish” on that blog post you have been agonizing over, put your walking shoes on for that first walk around the block and offering that client consultation with someone who’s looking to do better in your area of expertise.

Dream big and show gratitude for what YOU DO HAVE today!


Find your Tribe!

#1 hard fact about dream chasing: It is as lonely as you make it.

You may try to keep this dream of yours under wraps, afraid to share in case things just do not work out.  For your dreams to stick, for your confidence to be bolstered, a diehard support system is essential.

This can look like:

  • A local community support group
  • A Facebook group created for like-minded individuals
  • A conference or event based around your dream
  • Regular conversations with a friend or family member who has been where you are now
  • A spouse or friend who believes in you and pushes you forward with support
  • A mother or grandma who cherishes everything you do (Your biggest fans ever!)

However you meet your biggest supporters, they are your ticket to believing in yourself.

Keep those people close and use them as a sounding board, especially when self-doubt creeps in.


Find your Mentor, Tools and resources of expertise!

Mentoring is the greatest gift one person can give to another.

“It’s said that a wise person learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from others’ mistakes. But the wisest person of all learns from other’s successes”. – John C. Maxwell

One of my personal dreams was to own a creative business. I set out to do so with very little understanding of the business world and was of the understanding if I created a product, customers would flock. How Naïve!

After a year of struggle, I stumbled across mentors in my field that were blazing the trail for others and making sense of it all.

Investing in a mentor was the best decision I ever made for my business and I use this same mindset when I want to achieve other dreams.

The resources are out there, you just have to find and use them!

Tools are another FABULOUS way to start out on the right track.

These tools come in the form of:

  • Books
  • Questionnaires
  • Online courses
  • workbooks/spreadsheets
  • websites/blog posts

You can FIND the answer to most of your questions with a simple Google search (Mostly for FREE).

Be picky about what tools you use to shape your dream. They are the foundation of your beginning.

You are ready for your first steps! This is your push towards greatness! Take your first baby step, tip toe or wobble towards your goal TODAY. The only sure way to failure is never trying to begin with and I know you will do great things.


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